Bill Clinton : Talk In Malaysia

Well im maybe not a bigfan of Clinton, but i think this news could be a great one for those who like to attend talk sessions like this. Its BILL CLINTON, come on once in a lifetime opportunity *exeggeration* kiddin =)




Bill Clinton’s making his way to Malaysia in December to give a talk…. for absolutely freeee. Gotta love the Democrats.

The former US president will be here in honour of the inaugural B.C. Sekhar memorial lecture, which is named after the famous rubber technologist. if you want to attend the talk (and get a blast of Clinton’s charismatic personality) you have to email NOW with your name, address, contact number and IC number. NOW NOW. Clinton is known to give amazing speeches so here’s your chance to be part of the crowd as he delivers one.


UOX Play : Block Party


Are u a celcom user? If the answer is yeah, i will ask u d following question. Are u a celcom University of X? If yeah, theres a so called party on Saturday, November 15 2008. How bout d rest? No wories ure also invited. Celcom wont discriminate ppl according to ur mobile line.


There will be something in store for everyone at UOX Play’s “Block Party” happening at CapSquare KL and it’s FREE!

Shop for threads at the marketplace, grab a bite from CapSquare’s own F&B outlets, experience the quirky art of design collectives and revel in the music of your favourite hip hop, b-boy, DJ and acoustic acts + more!

Featuring:MUSIC by Joe Flizzow, Stylustiks, The Rebel Scum, Yuna, Zee Avi (KokoKaina), Isaac Entry, DJ Goldfish, Arabyrd, Paolo Delfino, Bo and Rashdan Harith.

MARKETPLACES hosted by Threadszoo and Tongue in Chic.

ART & DESIGN by BLAM (Art Installations), Pipit (2D visual and installations).

LIVE/GRAFFITI ART by Joe Tribe, They Art Studio, Bibichun, Donald Yak Yak, Mistawhy and Jeng.

UOX (XPAX) customers get loads of benefits and freebies including exclusive access to the After Party @ Red Square. Oh yea, can i just mention… ENTRY IS FREE!


Well im sure most of u guys have a facebook account. Yeah i know some of u prefer friendster or myspace or whatever shit u would like to mention, but this time i hv a great news for facebook fans. Face2Face is an event that invite 4000 RSVP to have fun and meet up d real person.


Happening on 22nd November 2008, Face2Face will take place at SohoKL, Mont Kiara. Party will begin at 7pm (look out for RAW Fluid’s specially designed flavoured mojito’s and Caipiroska’s) with music by UK’s DJs Simon Solo and Dave Sambor, and local favourites Blastique and Joey G.


The event is free so you better get there early to avoid long ques!


New Blog

well a new blog is already commenced. feel free to visit :


James Topan Bond


james bond? naah i can oni think d word of overrated. i duno why but im quite dissappointed with dis quantum of solace movie (u can count how many times they mentioned ‘quantum’ in d film). d actions were great (expected kan!?) but d storyline was weak.
is james bond a superhero? nope i dun think so. so how come not even a single bullet hit any of his body parts? if ure talking bout batman or spiderman, even keluangman, dat does make sense.
well olga wasnt bad tho i think got many many more candidates are suitable to take her role. hehe u can see all heroins (is dis d correct spelling?! sory) before were smoking hot. olga was unique with her own way. gaga.
if i were to give rating to dis movie, i wud say 7 out of 10. no offense to james bonds fans, this is my personal point of view. it can be right, it can be wrong as well. but i had fun watching it =)

Eco Film Fest 2008

went to this event last week. located at ASWARA (next to Padang Merbok). oso got Bijou Bazar here. but was not interested. Ayie and I were there just to watch Couple performed. lepaked oso wit Wany (randomly approached her haha) and Maaz (since he had a slr camera) both were from UM. if u were asking what is d rating for d event, i will say 6 / 10. i duno why but it just was.



My Current Affection : Wentworth Miller

wut do u tink bout prison break? boriiiiiing! gaga i duno why but i like d 1st season more =) but yeah for in any seasons, scofield looks smoking damn hot! *hey im not a gay anymore ya* it is just an honest compliment wei. so dun get me wrong! gaga


btw i wan to put a lil bit intro and biography of him. thanks to IMDb!






Date of Birth
2 June 1972, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England, UK

Birth Name
Wentworth Earl Miller III


6′ 1″ (1.85 m)


Born in England, raised in Brooklyn, New York, and a graduate of Princeton University, Wentworth Miller is a compelling and critically acclaimed young actor whose credits span both television and feature film.
Miller began his career in the industry on the other side of the camera. After graduating from college with a degree in English Literature, Miller headed to Los Angeles in the spring of 1995 to work in the development department of a small production company specializing in movies made for television. However, it wasn’t long before his desire to realize the acting ambitions of his childhood became undeniable.
Within the next few years, he landed guest spots on a variety of shows including “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997), “ER” (1994) and “Popular” (1999). He also starred in the Hallmark “mega-series” “Dinotopia” (2002/I).
Miller then segued to The Human Stain (2003), a feature film directed by Robert Benton and starring Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman. A movie examining questions of race, class and identity, it featured Hopkins as an embattled college professor struggling to conceal an incredible secret, with Miller playing the same character as a young man.
Miller subsequently appeared in the movie Underworld (2003) and guest-starred on “Joan of Arcadia” (2003) and “Ghost Whisperer” (2005) before joining the cast of “Prison Break” (2005), a groundbreaking television series that’s quickly become an international phenomenon. Playing a structural engineer who gets himself thrown into the same prison where his brother is on death row in order to break his brother out, Miller was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama in 2006.