James Topan Bond


james bond? naah i can oni think d word of overrated. i duno why but im quite dissappointed with dis quantum of solace movie (u can count how many times they mentioned ‘quantum’ in d film). d actions were great (expected kan!?) but d storyline was weak.
is james bond a superhero? nope i dun think so. so how come not even a single bullet hit any of his body parts? if ure talking bout batman or spiderman, even keluangman, dat does make sense.
well olga wasnt bad tho i think got many many more candidates are suitable to take her role. hehe u can see all heroins (is dis d correct spelling?! sory) before were smoking hot. olga was unique with her own way. gaga.
if i were to give rating to dis movie, i wud say 7 out of 10. no offense to james bonds fans, this is my personal point of view. it can be right, it can be wrong as well. but i had fun watching it =)