Bill Clinton : Talk In Malaysia

Well im maybe not a bigfan of Clinton, but i think this news could be a great one for those who like to attend talk sessions like this. Its BILL CLINTON, come on once in a lifetime opportunity *exeggeration* kiddin =)




Bill Clinton’s making his way to Malaysia in December to give a talk…. for absolutely freeee. Gotta love the Democrats.

The former US president will be here in honour of the inaugural B.C. Sekhar memorial lecture, which is named after the famous rubber technologist. if you want to attend the talk (and get a blast of Clinton’s charismatic personality) you have to email NOW with your name, address, contact number and IC number. NOW NOW. Clinton is known to give amazing speeches so here’s your chance to be part of the crowd as he delivers one.


6 Responses

  1. topan!!! u’ve been tagged! go to my blog and c how to play it!!

  2. dekat mana?

  3. salam dari Dublin.. saje2 je ziarah sini jap.. rajin2, meh laa jenguk2 my blog.. 🙂

  4. minat ko ehh talk camnih,hahah.

  5. oit.. upd8 laa.. (back to u)

  6. kene tag!

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